Our Brand


Bogosse is about taking bold steps and feeling empowered by them. Since its original inception in 2004, Bogosse has created a buzz and an undeniable imprint in the world of men’s fashion by staying true to its philosophy.

With a modern approach, our brand has evolved into more minimalist, timeless designs while maintaining its contemporary edge, which rendered its success as the ultimate male wardrobe staple. Our collections perfectly express a European sensibility with a touch of playfulness. The juxtaposition between simple and complex is the true essence of all Bogosse products. Our creative use of eclectic prints and subtle design details really create a stand-out product in an understated way.

Whether it’s a behind the scenes video of one of our pieces in the making or candid photos of our team meetings, our Bogosse customers are with us every step of the way. We proudly share our creative and manufacturing process with the world to provide intimacy and establish a deeper relationship with our clientele. We are “Always Appropriate, Never Proper.”